Winner of worst bus stop competition

And … we have a winner (or loser).

The results of our competition for the worst bus stop in Ottawa are in. As voted by transit riders, the bus stop at Baseline at Zena is the worst stop of 2021.



This is one of those stops with multiple problems – no shelter so riders are exposed to the elements. No bench so we can’t rest. Plus, no sidewalk or safe way to access a sidewalk unless we step into the busy road or walk in the grass/snow. This stop is inaccessible to anyone using a mobility device such as a wheelchair and difficult to use for those with strollers.

The goal of this competition is to remind the city and OC Transpo that the whole system needs to be accessible and safe and comfortable.

Here are the runners up …

McFarlane where riders have to hang out in the bushes while waiting for the bus, and Prince of Wales, no shelter, no bench, no bus pad, by the side of a busy road.


Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond to our survey, tweet, or post about this competition.

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