Transit AND affordable housing

Board members of the Ottawa Transit Riders wrote an opinion piece on why demolishing homes to make space for the LRT expansion is a bad idea. You can read their article here:

The Canada Files: Ottawa’s plan to demolish homes for LRT expansion is a huge mistake | Op-Ed


As transit advocates, of course we want the LRT improved and expanded. It needs to be accessible from every corner of the city so that residents can get around easily by train. But Ottawa has a serious housing shortage - a less than 1% vacancy rate and sky high rental prices. Transit and affordable housing are closely linked.

Ottawa needs good quality, affordable, accessible transit AND affordable housing – let’s not pit advocates of one against the other.

Some of the groups we are allied with include:

Courage Ottawa
Healthy Transportation Coalition
Ecology Ottawa
Horizon Ottawa
Vanier Community Association
Ottawa Disability Coalition
Free Transit Ottawa
No Such Thing As CAN’T

Ottawa ACORN


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