ParaTranspo event at City Hall Sept 25th

What do you know about ParaTranspo, the reservation-only bus service for Ottawa residents with a disability?

Unless you, or someone you love rides ParaTranspo, you might be surprised by some of the challenges.

Did you know that people who use ParaTranspo have to book their rides at least 24 hours in advance? That means no spontaneous drinks with friends; no taking advantage of last-minute tickets to an event …

Did you know that if you cancel a booking, you may have to justify your decision?

Did you know that there is a limit on how many rides a person can take on ParaTranspo per day? That means that if you go to a medical appointment and then to the grocery store, you might not be allowed to book a visit to a friend on the same day.

The Ottawa Transit Riders is hosting an event at City Hall on Monday, September 25th for city councillors to meet with ParaTranspo riders and learn some details about the service.

We want people to listen to riders like Ryan who writes for Ottawa Life: An Opportunity For Para Transpo Users To Be Heard

All city councillors, the mayor, and Renée Amilcar, the general manager of transit services have been invited to this presentation and roundtable discussion.

If you ride ParaTranspo and want to attend, please click on this link: ParaTranspo Awareness 2023 / événement de sensibilisation à ParaTranspo 2023. Whether you attend or not, we want to hear from you. Email [email protected] to share your story.

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