Outreach at Farmer's Markets

Two board members went to Barrhaven on Sunday to spread the news about Ottawa Transit Riders. We weren’t sure how much interest there would be considering that most customers at this market probably drive, but we were pleasantly surprised.

We met a lady who had just returned from Europe and she raved about the quality of public transit in cities like Barcelona for example – “why can’t we have that in Ottawa?” she asked.

We met a lady who rides ParaTranspo who was spitting MAD at the poor quality of transit service in Ottawa. She’s worried that the city is pushing Para users to use regular transit without providing adequate support.

More than a few people wanted to know when the LRT would be extended to Barrhaven.

A number of people talked to us about how recent changes to the bus routes had left them scrambling.

It was an interesting day although exhausting.


We’re not sure if we’ll be at the Main Street market on Saturday considering how many other events are going on that day, but we’ll be at Lansdowne on Sunday, September 22nd for sure.


The Transit Commission meets on Wednesday, September 18th at 9:30 and we’ll be there wearing red to support #ParaParity

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