Ottawa has "idle" ParaTranspo buses ... really?

Ottawa is going to experiment with on-demand transit – a shared-ride system that allows riders to “book” a small bus using an app. It seeks to combine the convenience of taxi/Uber with the cost savings of a bus. About 20 communities across Canada have tested a form of on-demand transit since 2015.

The Ottawa Transit Riders is surprised to hear that OC Transpo is planning to use “idle” Para buses for this pilot project.

Actually, we are shocked that OC Transpo has unused Para buses since Para customers have been complaining for years about lack of capacity. The current fleet is old and in poor condition, sometimes causing cancellations and delays when they break down.

It seems impossible that an on-demand service could use Para buses without adversely affecting the service used by current customers.

Community Groups Concerned Over Proposal to Remove Para Buses for On-Demand Transit - Horizon Ottawa

Riders who use the accessible transit system describe the proposal as a “kick in the teeth” to people with disabilities who have been advocating for on-demand, same-day service for years. Why is this being rolled out now for able-bodied customers when it has been denied to customers of ParaTranspo for so long?

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  • David Lalonde
    commented 2023-09-01 10:49:50 -0400
    hello there
    my name id David lalonde i use para transo .i live on fallowfeild i am worryed about the price going up for next year im on odsp so im nicely asking can you please dont rasie the prices up for out of town pepole i can deal with 10 bucks how will thiss make it easyer for us if you guys jack up the price on the smail bus this is not far i do want to keep paying 10 bucks or can you guys put the price down for out of town people please and thank you
  • Kari Glynes Elliott
    published this page in News and activities / Les nouvelles et activités 2023-07-05 13:14:55 -0400