How did the Para Awareness Event go?

On Monday, a significant number of people who use Para Transpo came to City Hall to meet with city councillors for our first Para Awareness Event.

It was an opportunity to educate councillors, especially new ones, about the challenges and frustrations of using the service. It was an opportunity for councillors to meet face-to-face with people who use the service to hear stories. There are people who use the service in every ward in the city.

You can view the presentation here: Para Awareness 2023 presentation

Our demands are simple and reasonable – and in many cases, not expensive.

Here’s a picture of a Presto reader blocked by a step. One demand is that the new buses should have Presto readers that are accessible to people who use wheelchairs.

Shout-out to the councillors who came and talked to people.

It was disappointing that the mayor declined our invitation.

It was even more disappointing that Mme Amilcar declined to attend as she has refused to meet with transit riders at several opportunities.

Here is one accessibility advocate, Kyle Humphrey talking about his frustration at being ignored by City Hall: interview with iheartradio

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