Blackburn Hamlet pilot

In February, OC Transpo launched a pilot project using ParaTranspo buses to offer a limited on-demand service from Blackburn Hamlet to Blair station.

This service will operate on weekends and select holidays (no word yet whether Family Day will count).

On-demand transit pilot rolling out in Blackburn Hamlet this weekend (

On-demand transit pilot starts this weekend | CBC News

The Ottawa Transit Riders agree with people who use Para Transpo that this pilot project highlights how little the city and OC Transpo cares about people with disabilities.

For one, people who use Para Transpo have to book their rides at least a day in advance; they have been advocating for on-demand service for decades. Offering it first to able-bodied people is rather dismissive.

Secondly, people who use Para Transpo have been complaining for years about a lack of capacity. They’ve been told that sub-standard service is because of a lack of buses and/or drivers. How can OC Transpo use Para buses for able-bodied people instead of improving services for people who use Para Transpo?

Using Para Transpo buses for on-demand pilot project a 'slap in the face' for riders with disabilities | CBC News

On-demand transit: Para Transpo riders express frustration as OC Transpo on-demand service kicks off | CTV News

OC Transpo's new on-demand transit 'frustrating' to watch for Para Transpo users


Ottawa Transit Riders supports Para Parity, a subcommittee devoted to advocating for accessible transportation in Ottawa. We meet once per month to discuss specific issues and campaign strategies. If you would like to participate, please email us at [email protected]




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