Workshop on Ottawa's Transportation Master Plan on Saturday April 15

Are you a resident of Ottawa who wants to discuss what the city is planning for transportation?

The Ottawa Transit Riders will present at a WORKSHOP on Ottawa’s Transportation Master Plan on Saturday, April 15th.


This workshop is hosted by the Community Associations for Environmental Sustainability (CAFES), the City for All Women Initiative (CAWI), Ecology Ottawa, and the Federation of Citizens' Associations of Ottawa (FCA) to discuss the City of Ottawa's Transportation Master Plan.

The City of Ottawa has released for public input Part 1 of its Transportation Master Plan Update reflecting the goals of the City’s recently approved Official Plan (OP). This plan is the roadmap for Ottawa’s walking, cycling, transit, and vehicular networks.


Part 1 is now available on the City’s Engage Ottawa website:

  • The update will be presented to the City’s Transportation Committee on April 17 (agenda here). This workshop is intended to inform the public and provide opportunities to discuss these proposed policies, and contribute to feedback on them to the City.
  • To become informed, please go to the Engage Ottawa website for the documents (Transportation Master Plan Update | Engage Ottawa)
  • The morning session will focus on the cross-cutting themes identified in the draft TMP (eg climate change, inclusivity & equity, transportation modes and land use)
  • A light lunch will be provided (courtesy of CAWI)
  • The afternoon session will deal with the focussed themes identified in the draft TMP (e.g., cycling, transit, pedestrian safety and road design, metrics to evaluate transportation projects)

The venue is served by bus routes 5 (Rideau-Billings Bridge) and 14 (Tunney's Pasture-Saint Laurent). There is bicycle parking in front of the venue.



9:00: Welcome

9:05: Panel on TMP Cross-cutting themes (climate change, equity and inclusion, land use), followed by Q&A

9:45: Discussion Groups

10:25: Break

10:35: Plenary: reports from Discussion Groups

11:30: Lunch

12:30: Welcome back

12:35: Panel on TMP Focussed Themes (cycling, transit, street design and safety, TMP project priorization metrics) followed by Q&A

1:25: Discussion Groups

2:05: Break

2:15: Plenary: reports from Discussion Groups

3:15: Next Steps and closing


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