What can you access with good transit?

There’s a saying that we only value what we can count.

Social science researchers have long struggled to figure out how to measure and count intangible things that affect the quality of our lives. Like how much time is spent in traffic? Or how much do we value shopping at a local store where we know the owner vs. shopping at a big box store?

Transit advocates want to count how and why good quality transit benefits our lives.

Here is a very interesting article about measuring how much access a person has to services (schools, shops, doctor’s offices, etc.) within a 45 minute period.

Basics: Access, or the Wall Around Your Life — Human Transit


If you are walking, that circle is quite small. If you are cycling, it gets bigger, especially if you have access to good bike paths. Transit advocates argue that good quality transit should provide access to more places in a short period of time.

How do we make that happen?

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