We're recruiting

We’re recruiting … are you interested?


Kari:       So we’re looking for people to sit on our Board of Directors.

Sam:      Yup – we have elections on April 27th.

Kari:       And one seat is reserved for someone who uses ParaTranspo.

Sam:      Of course! Accessibility is a BIG issue and we need to hear from people who have direct experience.

Kari:       How’s the recruitment going?

Sam:      Well, we’ve met some smart, capable people but everyone is worried about the commitment. You wouldn’t believe how many people have said they want to be involved, but maybe not on the board.

Kari:       But we’re both standing for election, right?

Sam:      Of course

Kari:       So we set the agenda. If we’re on the board, we’re going to watch our workload, respect everyone’s time and avoid burnout. One meeting a month, lots of delegation …

Sam:      We’re going to be busy this year, but we’re ALL volunteers and it’s important that we create a good environment. It’s not like we have a boss breathing down our necks saying that things have to be done by a deadline.

Kari:       I’ve worked at some terrible places, but I’ve also worked at some wonderful places with great bosses – I know what works to make a group function well. Let’s create a board that is warm and respectful and effective.

Sam:      So … people shouldn’t be scared off by the commitment?

Kari:       Nope. We’re going to create a Board that respects people’s time and effort.

If you are interested in running for the Board of Directors of Ottawa Transit Riders, send us an email for details. OR show up to the founding meeting and grab a nomination form.

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