Two more candidates ... election coming up soon

Candidate Bruce Faulkner


1)      What is your opinion on transit fees? Are you in favour of increased fees, freezing fares, or reducing fares?

Certainly reduced fare fees to those most vulnerable in our society as well as a complete review of Para Transpo (fees + service)


2)      Are you aware that a member of the Transit Commission has proposed removing ‘delegated authority’ from OC Transpo so that elected officials have some say over routes? If elected, will you support this motion?

Yes, and support this motion


3)      What is your opinion on bike paths? Are you in favour of more bike paths, of allocating funds to clear them in winter?

In favour of making roads and travel ways safe for all users


Candidate Patrick Mayangi

1) I am a transit user who lives in social housing; I am aware of the importance of public transit and how the community is negatively affected when it doesn’t work as it should. As such, it is my opinion that at present the fees that transit users are expected to pay are not purchasing the equivalent quality of service expected from OC Transpo. According to OC Transpo’s Schedule Adherence Reports, the rapid, local, and frequent routes have had their designated buses be “on-time” roughly 60% of the time for the past four years. This is completely unacceptable and understandably discouraging to riders who are heavily reliant on the transit system. On the behalf of my ward, I would fight for a fare freeze until OC Transpo is able to properly address this issue.

2) If elected, I would support the motion to remove delegated authority from OC Transpo so that elected officials would have more say regarding routes. I am aware that various communities have expressed concern regarding reliable accessibility to public transit, and therefore I would fully support giving them more of a say in how the buses are run through their neighborhoods.

3) I believe that dedicated bike paths are an asset; they are one means of taking action against climate change while generally enhancing the physical and mental wellbeing of those who choose to use them. Assuring that bike paths are clear of snow in the winter is a safety issue – it is necessary to re-evaluate the winter maintenance budget so that we can truly make our roads safe and usable for all.


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