Transit revenues DOWN

Further evidence that transit is struggling

First quarter Transpo revenues $1.7M less than expected


What does it mean that OC Transpo is receiving less revenue than expected?

Well for one, we hope that it encourages OC Transpo and the Transit Commission to see this as evidence of a system in decline so that they both get motivated to fix the problems.

Potential solutions to improving transit?

  • Better reliability – reduce the number of cancellations
  • Restore some of the routes that were cut (11, 12, 28)
  • Improve GPS information about route cancellations
  • Consult with communities about bus stops and route coordination
  • Re-think route design – not all transit users are commuting from suburbs to downtown


OC Transpo needs to consult with communities and riders about what we want.

Build the transit system FOR the riders.

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