Transit is a social good

The Ottawa Transit Riders see good quality public transit as a social good - something that benefits all residents whether they ride the buses or not. Here are some articles advancing the idea that good quality public transit is a social justice issue.

Transit Justice Struggles in Toronto: Statement on the TTC Fare Review

An article from Free Transit Toronto arguing that transit is a social justice issue and that we should be fighting for FREE transit.

Transit should be funded by taxes. It is a key tool in the battle against climate change and is essential in our transition to a greener future.

On the road to a strong post-pandemic recovery

An article from Hamilton noting that the Federal government’s support for capital spending is nice, but that transit agencies really need operational funding to continue offering public service.

The article notes that 79% of Canadians support public funding of transit.


The Promise of Transit Equity

In an article about urban planning, the authors note that divergence between the US and most major European cities where the US focused on car dependence while many European cities supported public transportation systems. Canada falls in the middle.

The article lists 8 key benefits to robust public transit systems.

COVID has reduced revenue leading to cities cutting service. This leaves many people stranded and unable to get to work, see the doctor, get food or meet other basic needs.


Green New Deal up for debate at Liberal, NDP conventions


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