Transit check-in

Sam:      So what’s going on in our campaign for better transit?

Kari:       Well, transit issues have been in the news – everyone’s talking about the #OttTransitChallenge

Sam:      It’s great to see so many councillors riding the bus - 17 councillors signed up; only five bailed.

Kari:       No kidding. I was half afraid that OC Transpo would provide A+ service for the week and then the councillors would be saying – "this is fine, what is everyone complaining about?"

Sam:      Apparently not. Have you been following the tweets?

Kari:       I have. Can’t wait to hear their reviews at the end of this week!!!

Sam:      There will be a press release at City Hall on Monday at noon. Hope people come and check it out.


CBC: Transit challenge proves difficult for some councillors 

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  • John Redins
    commented 2019-02-09 23:11:52 -0500
    I’m concerned the talk about regular transit while there is a growing percentage using the #ParaTranspo system