Transit and affordable housing

What does housing have to do with public transit?

Well … in short … PLENTY!

Low income people need both affordable housing and access to good public transit. If you push affordable housing out into suburbs or regions poorly served by transit you create barriers to people getting to school, to work, to daycare, to appointments, to really getting along with their lives. You force people to give up things that might help. You increase isolation and dependence. You make it more expensive for people to live in this city.

Ottawa has an amazing opportunity with the construction of the LRT to mandate that affordable housing be built near LRT stations.

Here’s an Infographic from the Healthy Transportation Coalition with some interesting statistics.

Note one stunning bit of data: From 2011 to 2016, there was a significant drop in OC Transpo ridership (from 103.5 million rides taken in 2011 to only 96.5 in 2016) even though Ottawa’s population grew.


And here's a related article:

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