Today is the Launch of Para Transpo Challenge 2024

Remember the Ottawa Transit Challenge where Ottawa Transit Riders asked city councillors to use transit for a week?

Well, we’re doing it again, but with a twist.

Today, we launched a new challenge, asking the mayor and city councillors to take a ride with Para Ambassadors on Para Transpo. The Para Transpo Challenge will take place from March 28th to May 31st (end of National AccessAbility week).

Why, you ask?

Because these are the people who make all sorts of decisions about transit and it seems important that they know a little about the service that they are talking about.

Did you know that people who use ParaTranspo have to book their rides at least 24 hours in advance? That means no spontaneous drinks with friends; no taking advantage of last-minute tickets to an event …

Did you know that if you cancel a booking, you may have to justify your decision?

Did you know that Para users can’t specify what time they want to be dropped off so they end up guessing (and wasting time)?

Did you know that OC Transpo considers Para Transpo to be “on-time” if they arrive within a 30 minute window?

We hope that city councillors take advantage of this opportunity to speak one-on-one with Para users. It’s a great way to get to know residents who get around the city by a different mode.

We hope that journalists join in the Challenge - email the Ottawa Transit Riders if you want to participate.

As for the rest of us, follow this blog to see who has taken the challenge and what they noticed.

Encourage your own councillor to participate - a more accessible city is a better city to live in and we’re hopeful that this (relatively) new city council can make some meaningful improvements.






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