Still talking about bad bus stops in Ottawa

Last week people sent us tips and pictures of some bad bus stops in Ottawa.

What makes a bus stop bad?

Lack of shelter, lack of seating, low to the ground making it difficult to get on and off buses, poor lighting, no sidewalks to and from bus stop. What else?

I am surprised that no-one sent any examples of bus stops in construction zones. I can remember some bad examples that I’ve had to deal with. Remember the stop for the 12 on Kent at Queen a few years ago? Terrifying. Does that mean that the city is getting better at ensuring transit riders’ safety during construction?

We are running this competition to highlight that an effective transit system is safe and accessible everywhere. It does a person using a wheelchair no good if they can get on their nice accessible bus downtown, but can’t safely get off at the stop closest to their destination.

Thank you for all your submissions and engagement.

Voting will start this week.



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