So what's the plan?

We’re all tired of the mess that is the LRT. What’s next? Social media is abuzz with people discussing the root causes and offering possible solutions.

  1. Curves too sharp?
  2. Tracks not the right size for the trains?
  3. Choice to purchase light rail when we really need a heavier, more durable subway-like train?


But we’re basically in this mess because non experts made decisions about transit without fully understanding what works.

The Ottawa Transit Riders proposes that the city hire an expert, unaffiliated with the previous regime, who can provide us with detailed options (and costs) so that residents of this city, who will have to pay to fix the LRT and who ride transit, can debate the options in an open forum.

Enough with the armchair quarterbacking – let’s hear from people who know what they are talking about.

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