So the LRT is delayed ... again

To no-one’s surprise, the LRT is delayed again

LRT delayed again, won't be ready by end of June


What does this mean for long-suffering transit riders?

Well, as members of Ottawa Transit Riders have been saying for a while, the LRT isn’t going to fix all the problems in the transit system anyways. Residents of low-income neighbourhoods like Vanier and Bayward are paying for this delay even though we are not going to benefit even when the train is running.

OC Transpo needs to sit down with communities harmed by cut-backs to discuss fixing some serious irritations … restore the routes that were cut last year, fix the GPS system to avoid the ‘ghost’ buses, stop cancelling 6,000 buses a month, and implement the online booking system for ParaTranspo.


No LRT by Canada Day, city confirms


To rub salt in the wounds, OC Transpo had been planning to raise transit fares this summer. Councillors are now discussing freezing or reducing fares (at least until the LRT is running).


LRT delay has councillors debating transit fare freeze, reduction


Gloucester-Southgate Councillor Diane Deans is proposing a reduction in transit fares. However, the mayor is not on board so her proposal is unlikely to succeed.


How much would it take for you to stay a loyal OC Transpo customer?


Frustratingly, while a temporary far freeze is being discussed, there is little interest in reversing the poorly-considered route cut-backs from last year that have caused so much pain and frustration.

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