Ryan Lythall's new articles on ParaTranspo

Ryan Lythall, an active member of the #ParaParity group, is writing for Ottawa Life. Here are two articles on his experience as an Ottawa resident who uses ParaTranspo.

Para Transpo: The neverending battle for a smoother ride

Para Transpo: The never ending battle for a smoother ride — part two

The #ParaParity campaign is about fighting for good quality accessible transit and reducing the disparities in service levels between OC Transpo and ParaTranspo.

You don’t have to be a customer of ParaTranspo to be outraged at the frustrations. As a community, Ottawa could do better to reduce barriers. People with disabilities should not have to expend so much energy fighting for service.


The Ottawa Transit Riders is having our AGM on Saturday August 22nd. If you have opinions, ideas, or suggestions for better transit service, come and join us. Become a member.

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