Pimisi station closed for Canada Day AGAIN

The mayor is complaining again that Pimisi station will be closed for Canada Day: Canada Day: O-Train Pimisi Station to be closed to transit riders on July 1 | CTV News

Pimisi station was built in a location where we have big events - Canada Day, Bluesfest, and hopefully one day hockey at an NHL-sized arena.

Sadly, it is poorly designed to handle large crowds.

In this case, authorities are closing the station for security reasons, but how in the world was this station built and approved without considering these issues?

Public consultations would have flagged these problems before the station was built.

We should be consulted on the new stations currently under construction in order to apply lessons learned from phase one. It’s quicker and easier to fix things before stations are finalized.

Sadly … this city hasn’t learned any lessons.

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