Restore the 12

Previously the #12 bus travelled through Vanier to Rideau Centre, then along Wellington to Bank. It started its eastbound route on Kent and Sparks. It was the primary bus for hundreds of Vanier residents.

On September 2, 2018, OC Transpo re-organized routes all across Ottawa. The #12 bus was re-routed to end and start at Queen and Metcalfe, forcing hundreds of Vanier residents to walk across town or transfer in order to get home.

Please sign our petition which asks OC Transpo to restore the 12, consult with communities, and freeze transit fares.

Restore the #12 petition

We are asking people to sign petitions even when it’s not exactly your bus to indicate to City Hall and OC Transpo that people care about consultations, transparency, and accountability.


Restore the 11

This is one of the most problematic route changes in the city. This cross-town bus serves people from Bay Ward, which has the highest percentage of residents over 65 in the city and has a lot of low- and fixed-income folks along with those with mobility issues.

OC Transpo has shortened the eastbound route so it ends at Elgin, instead of Rideau Centre.

The westbound route #11 now ends at Lincoln Fields instead of Bayshore, leaving many riders unable to easily access a useful mall and grocery store.

Please sign the petition to restore the #11 – we believe that public transit should consider public needs!

Restore the #11 petition


Restore the 256 (Bridlewood)

It's hard to say which neighbourhod has the worst transit service in the city.

In Kanata (Bridlewood), our partners in this battle for better transit, the Bridlewood Commuters for Better Transit are advocating for their essential bus route, the 256, to be restored to Moodie Drive. A map will be added soon to help explain the issue.

Please take the time to click the 'petition' button above, sign this petition, and spread the word.



Restore the 28 (Blackburn Hamlet)

The situation in Blackburn Hamlet has us worried about safety. The main bus route, the 28, has been reduced almost to a Sunday schedule, but all week at all times. Riders are now dropped off so far from their destination that many must now walk through a dark park to get home. 

We are hearing about people with mobility issues who have given up riding the bus at all.

Please sign our petition to raise awareness of this issue.


If we work together, we're hopeful that we can get OC Transpo to re-consider their recent decisions.

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