Parity for Para

Dear Para Transpo riders and friends,


Please share your experiences with booking and riding Para Transpo service and include the hashtag #ParaParity

We are fighting for equity between OC Transpo and Para Transpo service.

The new LRT will have 4 spots per car (8 per train) for people who use wheelchairs AND parents with strollers, compared to 160 seats or 200 standing room. This means 2% of the car is going to be allotted to much more than 10% of the population.

It is long past due that the service got an upgrade, and if City Council says 10% of the Ottawa population isn’t worth 4% of the $2.1 billion that the LRT costs... then it is time to speak up, speak out, and speak against these issues!

Written by Kyle Humphrey, Sally Thomas, and Ryan Lythal

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