ParaTranspo challenges at Carleton University

The list of frustrations that people who use ParaTranspo deal with is long.

But here is a small problem that can and should be fixed.

When people are booking rides to Carleton University, they are asked to specify which BUILDING they are going to from a drop-down menu. Seems simple enough … but, the drop down menu for dispatch indicates STOP NUMBERS.

This means that mistakes are common.

On Saturday, June 3rd, Carleton University hosted the Ottawa Inclusive & Para Sports Expo as part of National AccessAbility Week (NAAW). This event is one of the largest inclusive sporting expos in Ottawa, and an event which would naturally draw a large number of ParaTranspo users. 

A number of people struggled to find their bus stop; a number of drivers ended up at the wrong bus stop. Drivers had to return to find their customers. Resources were wasted. People were left stranded on a hot summer’s day. 

The lack of coordination and accommodation by OC Transpo has once again relegated ParaTranspo users as an afterthought when it comes to public transit in Ottawa. More egregiously, it comes during a week when the City of Ottawa was promoting National AccessAbility Week. 

We ask the Transit Commission to urge OC Transpo to work with program developers to ensure that the menu for ParaTranspo customers matches the menus used by the dispatch system.

This is Ottawa - the capital city of a G7 nation in 2023 - surely we can get something so simple right.

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