Ottawa Transit Riders are now official

The Ottawa Transit Riders are now official

On Saturday, April 27th, we held a founding meeting, attended by over 100 people interested in making transit better.

The participants voted to approve the Governance Document (although the Board of Directors is allowed to make some modifications).

Twelve people stood for election for the first Board of Directors.

Participants were encouraged to mingle, talk with candidates and provide their opinions and suggestions concerning five questions posted:

1) How can we make transit more affordable?

2) How can we make transit more accessible?

3) How can we make transit more reliable?

4) How can we make transit more green?

5) What should the priorities of this organization be? 


Congratulations to everyone who participated.

The first Board of Directors:

Back row: Stuart Mackay, Leyla Shahid, Anne-Marie Roy, Sam Boswell, Henry Paikin.

Front row: John Woodhouse, Kari Glynes Elliott, John Redins, Dan Gajewski


Further details are coming.

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  • Carl Stieren
    commented 2019-05-04 12:17:21 -0400
    From that great photo with a fireplace in the background – not at City Hall, I suspect – it looks like you may have had our first Board Meeting. Did you? Any summary? If so, please post a link here. Thanks – from Carl Stieren.