Opportunity: Social Media Campaign - Have Your Voice Heard

We are looking for your stories, experiences, and feelings about the proposed 2.5% fare increase. 

Ottawa Transit Riders in collaboration with Courage Ottawa are launching a social media campaign against the fare increase. We know that Ottawans will be impacted by the fare increase, and we want to show the City leadership how their decisions will hurt the residents of Ottawa.

The campaign is simple. We will connect you with a photographer who will take a picture of you at a location significant to your transit experience. We want to show the City and OC Transpo that there are people that their decisions affect, not just “taxpayers.”

To go along with the picture will be a short write-up. We’ll provide a few open-ended questions, but feel free to speak your mind. This is an opportunity to get your voice heard. If you’re not comfortable writing something, we can schedule a one-on-one chat. If you’re more comfortable with writing, go for it.

The picture and the write-up will be featured on the Ottawa Transit Riders and Courage Ottawa social media channels. 

If you’re interested in being involved with the campaign or have questions or concerns, reach out to [email protected].

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