Not your imagination ... OC Transpo does cancel a lot of buses

To no-one’s surprise, data has just been released that indicates that 1) OC Transpo cancels a lot of buses, and 2) OC Transpo does not report such cancellations accurately.

Kudos to the Ottawa Citizen journalist who did some good research for the article: More than 6,000 OC Transpo bus trips cancelled in nearly one-month period

In order to approach City Hall and OC Transpo with proposals to fix this problem, we need to know why this is happening.

  1. Is OC Transpo short-staffed? Are they struggling to get people to drive their buses?
  2. When does OC Transpo know that a bus will be cancelled? If staff shortages are the problem, do they know in the morning or the week before that some days are going to be bad? If so, can they give the public a head’s up?
  3. Is there a problem with the buses? We’ve heard rumours that maintenance budgets have been slashed. Or are buses in poor shape, requiring more maintenance than expected?

As customer and taxpayers, we have a right to know what’s going on with our transit system. OC Transpo is supported by public money to provide a public service. When they fail to provide adequate service, there should be consequences.

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