Specific neighbourhood issues / Problèmes dans des quartiers spécifiques

We view Ottawa Transit Riders Group / le groupe des usagers de transport en commun d'Ottawa as a kind of umbrella group hosting and supporting small neighbourhood groups. Below you can find a list of each neighbourhood’s gripes about their buses.

If you are willing to be a representative of your neighbourhood, please email us at OttawaTransitRiders@gmail.com

We are creating a list of problems AND looking for suggestions to fix such problems. Feel free to add your suggestions to the comment box.


Nous sommes un groupe de coordination accueillant et soutenant les petits groupes de voisinage. Vous trouverez ci-dessous une liste des reproches de chaque quartier concernant leurs bus.

Si vous souhaitez représenter votre quartier, veuillez nous envoyer un courriel à OttawaTransitRiders@gmail.com.

Nous recherchons une liste de problèmes ET des suggestions pour les résoudre. N’hésitez pas à ajouter vos suggestions à la zone de commentaire.


N’hésitez pas à commenter en français



First, OC Transpo re-routed the #12 to start and end on Queen and Metcalfe even though riders want it to go to Bank/Kent. Please sign our Restore the #12 petition

Other issues include the #19 and #20 not connecting very well. One person wrote to us suggesting that the Westbound #20 should stay on Beechwood, go over the bridge, loop through Gary Armstrong and Rockcliffe residences and then return Eastbound on Beechwood.

Long standing issues in Vanier include unreliable buses that are frequently cancelled and poor communication so riders are confused and unable to make decisions based on which bus might come next.

  • we need more buses
  • we are asking for electronic GPS connected screens in bus shelters showing arrivals (like the arrival screen in airports)

Ottawa Transit Riders group held a forum on October 1, 2018 to discuss local issues. Click here for a copy of the report in English.

Le rapport est disponible en français, mais il n'a pas été révisé, veuillez donc pardonner les erreurs.



Probably the most contentious change to any route is the snipping of route 11 at both ends. This has a huge effect on riders – many of whom are elderly and/or mobility impaired. They must now transfer once or twice to get to popular destinations such as Bayshore mall, a grocery store and Rideau Centre.

Please sign the Restore the #11 petition

Fun fact – the 11 and the 12 used to be one route and it was once voted the worst bus in the city. OC Transpo isn’t doing much to improve it.


KANATA (Bridlewood)

It's hard to say which neighbourhod has the worst transit service in the city.

In Kanata (Bridlewood), our partners in this battle for better transit, the Bridlewood Commuters for Better Transit are advocating for their essential bus route, the 256, to be restored to Moodie Drive. A map will be added soon to help explain the issue.

Please take the time to click the 'petition' button and spread the word.



The situation in Blackburn Hamlet has us worried about safety. The main bus route, the 28, has been reduced almost to a Sunday schedule, but all week at all times. Riders are now dropped off so far from their destination that many must now walk through a dark park to get home.

We are hearing about people with mobility issues who have given up riding the bus at all.

Please sign our petition to raise awareness of this issue.


If we work together, we're hopeful that we can get OC Transpo to re-consider their recent decisions.


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