On Monday, June 24th, urban councillors – Jeff Leiper, Catherine McKenney, Mathieu Fleury, Shawn Menard, and Rawlson King invited people to attend consultations on Ottawa’s new ‘Official Plan’.

Several members of Ottawa Transit Riders attended.

The event started with presentations from city managers who said some very hopeful things – they talked about making Ottawa a liveable, affordable city even as the city grows. They talked about creating a plan to move ‘PEOPLE, not VEHICLES’ and they talked about how to document consultations and feedback so that residents can be sure that their opinions are being considered.

Then, we were encouraged to move to any of five tables set up to discuss specific topics:

  1. Active transportation
  2. Affordable housing
  3. Climate change
  4. Certainty in the development process
  5. Urban boundaries

It was a nice experience to be among fellow citizens who already understand the value of cycling and public transit.

Some information on the city’s Official Plan is available on the website at:


Fingers crossed …

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