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Candidate Rawlson King

Full disclosure, a member of Rawlson King’s staff is on the Ottawa Transit Riders planning committee.

Rawlson is running on a petition calling for a freeze on all transit fares, working towards an overall reduction in fares to make transit a more accessible option for all Ottawans. He will focus on improving bus service, relying on community consultation and paying particular attention to integrating bus routes with LRT. He will fight to add more accessible vehicles to Para Transpo and improve the usability of the service with longer, more flexible availability. He also plans to develop a cycling strategy and review traffic calming measures and snow removal practices, making sure every kind of commuter has safe and accessible options.

He is promoting a petition on transit fare freeze

He has been endorsed by councillors Shawn Menard and Joel Harden.

His website is




Candidate Penny Thompson

Penny Thompson indicated that her key priorities are road safety, dependable transit, affordable taxes, adequate and affordable housing solutions, and better communication between the Ward and its residents.

Currently our transit fees are among the highest in Canada, which can be detrimental to our most vulnerable residents. I would support a transit fee freeze until Phase 1 of the LRT comes online; and, moving forward, I would like to see a unified EcoPass system that is geared to income and removes any financial or accessibility barrier to obtaining a transit card.

While city staff must ultimately answer to Council, I believe we must trust in their ability to do the job they were qualified and hired to do. If elected, I see my role as an advocate, who, with input from consultations with residents, will help guide staff to find solutions.

Yes! I am a strong supporter of the Transportation Master Plan and its integrated cycling networks. I look forward to the ongoing expansion of the system and believe that we need to rethink pathway snow clearing so as to create pedestrian and cyclist priority systems, in addition to the road networks.

Her website is

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