Media stories in November

Transit has been in the news recently:

OC Transpo digs into reserves, weighs layoffs to fill $50M hole | CBC News

Riders warn OC Transpo cuts will hurt most vulnerable | CBC News

OC Transpo bus route overhaul draws public's ire (

OC Transpo faces $49.8 million shortfall in 2024 (

Ordinary citizens are expressing their frustration. Here is a quote from Reddit (apologies for not crediting the writer)

I’m tired of hearing about OC Transpo’s “deficit”. It’s a public service that benefits everyone, even if you only drive you benefit from reduced cars on the road, pollution, noise, etc. etc.

The military doesn’t turn a profit. Highways don’t turn a profit. Sidewalks don’t turn a profit. Storm sewers don’t turn a profit. We pay taxes and expect these services in return. WHY is public transit the only service that has this self-defeating point-of-service user fee associated? Imagine we had to pay $3.25 every time we used a sidewalk? Or when it rained we had to pay $3.25 to unlock our nearby catch basin? IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE.

Also, an excellent article from Nick Grover of Free Transit Ottawa: Grover: Want better public transit, Ottawa? Invest in it | Ottawa Citizen


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