Joint statement on potential cuts to transit

The Ottawa Transit Riders joined other community groups, such as Horizon Ottawa, Ecology Ottawa, and Free Transit Ottawa to call on the city to clarify their plan to address the hole in the transit budget.

You can read the statement on the Horizon Ottawa website: Joint Statement by Community Groups on the OC Transpo Budget Crisis.

City council approved a budget that had a $39 million hole in it on the assumption that either the Provincial or Federal government would provide additional funds. Sadly, neither government provided funds in their recent budgets to address this shortfall.

We are deeply concerned that this gap will mean cuts to service this year.

Transit in this city is already struggling to meet demands and further cutbacks will only make the situation worse.

Please read the statement and contact your own councillor or a councillor on the Transit Commission to express your concerns. We argue that the city needs to re-think spending money on road-widening during a climate emergency, and re-direct those funds to transit, which is an essential service.

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