Inclusion and accessibility

Accessibility and inclusion at our founding meeting


The Ottawa Transit Riders is fighting for improved accessibility and mobility for everyone in Ottawa and plans to ‘walk the talk’ at our events.

Proxy voting

At our founding meeting, there will be an option for people who are not able to attend to cast a vote by proxy as long as you indicate your intentions in advance. A person casting a vote for someone else may cast only ONE proxy vote and must have written permission from the person who is absent.

ParaTranspo representation

At least one seat on the Board of Directors is reserved for a person who uses ParaTranspo services. So we are asking people to spread the word – it would be great to have a number of candidates for the board who have experience with ParaTranspo.

Advance access to material

We can provide written material in advance for those who need it – email us to be put on a list.

Other accommodations

Let us know if you need any accommodations in order to participate – both at the founding meeting and in general.


Email us for details: Ottawa Transit Riders

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