Electric buses ... greening the fleet

Although the primary goal of the Ottawa Transit Riders is to improve the quality of transit in Ottawa, we have some natural allies in the environment movement who are advocating for cleaner, greener buses.

The Healthy Transportation Coalition is campaigning for the mayor to honor his 2018 election commitment to launch a pilot project regarding electric buses.

Jim Watson 2018 Campaign 

“The greening of the City’s fleet will reduce diesel fuel costs as well as decrease harmful emissions. For this reason, Jim Watson will ask staff to bring forward to Council a business case for an electric bus pilot project in the next term of Council.”


The Electric Vehicle Council of Ottawa argues that Ottawa should switch to electric buses for three reasons:

Combatting Climate Change

  • OC Transpo buses produce 45% of the emissions from the City of Ottawa’s operations
  • Electric buses have 95% lower emissions

Improving Transit

  • e-Buses are nicer to ride, quieter and cleaner
  • They are more reliable, meaning more time on the road, less in the shop for repairs

Saving Money

  • e-Buses are much cheaper to operate
  • Fuel costs – a fully electric fleet will save about $30 million per year (at current prices; more if fuel prices rise)
  • Maintenance costs – a fully electric fleet will save about $20 million per year
  • e-Buses mean more transit with the same operating budget

Click for information and to sign the petition 


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