Election is MONDAY

Candidate Jaime Kwong

1) I'm in favour of fair transit fees. A one-time ticket costs more in Ottawa than other major cities like Toronto or Montreal and they have a lot more transit options for commuters. Our community is one that won't be directly served at all by LRT so how do we ensure the local buses are on time and not as frequently cancelled?

2) I think City Councillors already have some leeway in how new routes are developed. I would take for example former Innes Ward Councillor Rainer Bloess spearheading the 94 route down Innes Road. Councillors just need to build relationships with Transit staff. As someone who has been working to represent the business community to City Hall for the last half decade, I know I have the relationships and connections to get the ball rolling on better transit for our community.

3) I am absolutely in favour of bike paths! Complete streets! I favour people over cars and I think it's a needed approach in our community.

Website: http://jamiekwong.ca/

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