Commuting is taking longer - quel surprise

This news isn’t going to surprise anyone, but it’s taking longer for people to travel around this city.

A new report from CBC: StatsCan study shows Canadian commute times are getting longer — and it's costing us 

In a related article: Yes, your morning drive is taking longer says that commuting times are going up no matter how you do it.

The frustrating thing about articles like these is that the problem is framed as if these things just happen – there’s nothing we can do about it.

That’s not true.

The problem is caused by bad city policies that prioritize driving.

We can change this.

Build an efficient transit system with bus-only lanes and reliable scheduling. As more people switch to transit, the burden on those who drive will lessen as well. Win-win.

We know how to fix the problem; we just need the political will.

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