Candidate Marc Dorgeville

As promised, I will be posting responses to our questions as they come in.

Candidate Marc Dorgeville provided the following responses to the questions

1)      What is your opinion on transit fees? Are you in favour of increased fees, freezing fares, or reducing fares?

Transit fares are too high. They need to be reduced. Either globally or for some category of people. 

2)      Are you aware that a member of the Transit Commission has proposed removing ‘delegated authority’ from OC Transpo so that elected officials have some say over routes? If elected, will you support this motion?

I was not aware of that proposition. I like the idea that elected officials could have some say, however the devil will be in the details. If there is too much say, then it becomes impossible for OC Transpo staff to do their jobs. Council member must not become micro-managers of OC Transpo. I’d like to get more details.

3)      What is your opinion on bike paths? Are you in favour of more bike paths, of allocating funds to clear them in winter?

More bike paths for sure, with good connection for the existing ones (some are still missing!). Ottawa needs a few perfectly connected routes that would be cleared in Winter to showcase winter biking as possible, and increase winter cyclist like me. But snow clearing every single bike path at this point would be seen as a waste by too many in the city, which would be counterproductive to the promotion of biking in general.


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