Candidate Chris Penton

Candidate Chris Penton provided the following reponses

1)      What is your opinion on transit fees? Are you in favour of increased fees, freezing fares, or reducing fares?

My opinion is that they are too high. I understand them to be some of the highest in the country. I am in favour of freezing fares when justified. I'd be up for seeing how fares actually compare with the operation of a personal vehicle - insurance, fuel, maintenance etc.


2)      Are you aware that a member of the Transit Commission has proposed removing ‘delegated authority’ from OC Transpo so that elected officials have some say over routes? If elected, will you support this motion?

OC needs a look from the top down. I am in favour of more eyes and opinions being injected into the route selection. That said, too many cooks spoil the broth. It would need to be a carefully measured move.


3)      What is your opinion on bike paths? Are you in favour of more bike paths, of allocating funds to clear them in winter?

My dream is to have bicycles separated from vehicle traffic. Slapping paint down is just not the answer. Complete streets are a start. I am in favour of more safety driven lanes. I would support funds to selected paths being cleared in winter. This response is triggered by the recent announcement of the $7 million deficit in snow removal operations.

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