Ottawa Transit Riders’ position on the Brian Coburn Extension

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Ottawa Transit Riders believes that we can have great transit in the City of Ottawa when we ensure that people can get where they go quickly, reliably and in an accessible manner. We want to see transit connections that offer these benefits with minimal disruption to the environment. Aligning rapid transit near people allows us to build smarter by creating transit-oriented development, encouraging walkability and reducing car dependence, as we need to do in order to minimize the effects of climate change. These are all goals that have been outlined in the City’s new Official Plan, and which we should be striving to achieve.

When it comes to the possible alignments for an east-end transitway, Ottawa Transit Riders believe that it is important to ensure transit is routed where riders are. We support the initial agreed-upon alignment that the City of Ottawa and National Capital Commission developed in 2013 which ensures that transit would be routed near riders in Blackburn Hamlet, and which would minimize threats to greenspace and farmland, particularly Mer Bleue. This alignment was also included in the Transportation Master Plan and other City planning documents.

Background: The City of Ottawa developed several proposed alignments after the 2013 consultation; these are not the initial agreed-upon alignment which the NCC supports. Of these options, we would be supportive of options that put rapid transit near people in Blackburn Hamlet (options 1 and 4). 

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