Barriers to accessibility are all around

Barriers to accessibility are all around us

On Saturday, we held a meeting at the University of Ottawa to discuss transit issues. Frustratingly, the so-called ‘accessible’ room we booked was actually not all that accessible. In order to get to the boardroom, people have to walk down a set of stairs OR take the mini elevator.

The problem?

You need keys to get the elevator working and we didn’t have keys.

Question number one for me is why does the elevator need keys? ‘Regular’ elevators don’t require keys.

Question number two is why weren’t we told in advance? Why isn’t there a number on the elevator that we could call to summon an employee with keys?

Question number three is why is this room available to be booked without a warning about the barrier?

Ottawa Transit Riders is focused on transit issues, but accessibility (all over the city) is also one of our concerns. We wrote to the University’s Centre for Students with Disabilities to propose some alternatives.

We’ll let you know how they respond.

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