Are bus tracking apps reliable?

Reliability of transit apps

How do you know when to catch your bus? Do you rely on printed paper schedules? Do you use Bus Buddy or another app? Do you text 560-1000 when you get to the stop?

For a transit system to work, people have to have reliable up-to-date information about the buses.

Here’s a common scenario. If I want to go downtown, I have three options, but I have to decide when I leave my house which option is best – so I use a bus tracking app. When the bus that is supposed to show up fails to arrive, I’m left angry and frustrated. It’s too late to walk to a different bus stop to take a different bus and I’m left wondering how to prevent this from happening again.

Ottawa Transit Riders will push OC Transpo to provide more accurate GPS-assisted minute-by-minute information on where your bus is so that riders can make informed choices.

Here’s a Capital Current article with one of the co-founders of Ottawa Transit Riders talking about the new travel app on OC Transpo’s website: Ottawa transit users concerned about reliability of OC Transpo’s new travel app


It’s the 21st Century – don’t you think access to such information should be easier?

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