Advocating for choices in transportation

The Ottawa Transit Riders is fighting for good reliable transit because everyone deserves choice in how we get around. We work with allies advocating for active transportation options as well because everyone benefits from good public transit and safe bike lanes.

High gas prices leave commuters decrying lack of alternatives to driving (in New Brunswick)


As people fret about rising gas prices, we continue to argue that the city of Ottawa should be thinking of how to make it easy to get around without needing a car. We need to build 15-minute neighbourhoods where people can work and shop and play within an easy walk.

We need to build safe bike lanes.

We need to prioritize mobility for people with disabilities.

And we need to support a transit system that serves people all over the city, not just commuters going from suburbs to downtown. We need north-south routes and late night buses. We need fast, reliable, FREQUENT buses.

Choices are good for everyone.

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