Advance documents and proxy voting

Documents for meeting – advance notice

The Ottawa Transit Riders are celebrating our official launch on Saturday, April 27th at 2:30 at Jean Pigott Place (City Hall).

At this meeting we are going to vote on a formal governance structure and for members of the Board of Directors.

For those who want a sneak peek or for those who are not able to attend in-person, here are some documents in advance:

Agenda (bilingual)

Governance document (bilingual)

One-pager on the Ottawa Transit Riders (bilingual)


What if you can’t attend?

We will allow proxy voting in the election for Board Members if people cannot attend in-person. If you want to ask someone else to vote for you, please provide them with a written note that clearly states your contact information and your permission.

For example, I, Marie Tremblay, give John Brown permission to vote for me in the Board election for Ottawa Transit Riders on April 27, 2019. (name, address, email, signature).

People who have permission to vote on behalf of someone else may cast only ONE proxy ballot.

Email us for further details:

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